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Even in Florida, during the winter time we start to notice how drab our outdoor living spaces may appear.

If you are considering sprucing up your pool deck or lanai area in time for warmer weather and summer celebrations, the time to act is now!

I highly encourage you to schedule your estimate now as many other homeowners are having the same thoughts as you as they prepare for summer gatherings. As summer approaches, our wait list can exceed 6-8 weeks.

If you’re hoping to do away with your old pool-decking and upgrade to our beautiful multi-color acrylic concrete resurfacing system that is non-skid and mildew resistant by the start of our summer, PLEASE call now. Your new outdoor space will look so spectacular that you’ll want to complete the whole project with a Rico Rock Waterfall!

Our lanai turned out to be very beautiful. Your people are truly artists, in addition to being fine craftsmen. Laurie and Mark did a fantastic job.
Irving Snyder Jacksonville, FL

We provide a limited five-year warranty upon job completion References are gladly provided upon request License # SCC131150387
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